In my line of work, there are times where I tend to get so caught up handling business on behalf of others that my personal stuff gets put off until the last possible minute. Which is not a good thing, I know. Hence the passport renewal story I’m sharing today.

My passport actually expired a year ago but I didn’t have any travel plans that required its use so it really wasn’t at the top of my checklist. Fast forward to the beginning of October when a good girlfriend of mine decided she wanted to go to Canada for her birthday this month. Being that Canada is one of the few places left on my travel bucket list, I was totally in and made a mental note to renew my passport before the end of October.

Needless to say, October turned into November. Life happened. I was trying something different with my hair and didn’t want to take my new passport picture with that particular style (don’t judge me). Life happened again. Business got hectic and before I knew it, I was down to 5 business days before the trip. Not wanting to risk other documentation not being sufficient enough to cross the border, I finally buckled down to get my passport renewed. Of course, by this time, everyone was telling me it was too late and I might as well back out of the trip but there’s nothing like a good challenge for me.

I began researching several rush passport services, all of which were charging a minimum of $800 with sketchy reviews about actually delivering them on time. So at this point, I decided to cut out the middle man. I went directly to the website, choosing to ignore the standard 2-4 week expedited time frame and stumbled upon the exception to the rules I was looking for.

With proof of immediate travel and other required documentation, I was able to make an appointment at my local Passport Agency. Still not sure of what to expect; I waited for them to call my number, went to the window, had my documents verified, paid my $185 for the renewal/expedition and was able to pick up my renewed passport at will call the next day!

Not only was I proud of myself for pulling off what everyone thought was impossible, I was even more proud of the fact that I didn’t let the time crunch force me to spend an unnecessarily ridiculous amount of money or give up. So the moral of the story is, procrastination is the devil but a little patience, initiative and research for yourself goes a long way.

I’m off to Canada!

Who knows, now that I know the ins and outs, maybe I should start offering rush passport services of my own… for a slightly more affordable fee of course, LOL.

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