Peach, a text-for-delivery lunch service for offices, will officially launch in Dallas on November 6th. Currently a hit for professionals in Seattle, San Diego, and Boston, the lunch delivery service will now offer the best in local restaurant options to Dallas offices.

Peach not only solves the monotonous “What’s for lunch?” office question, but does so in a way that is innovative, unique, and definitely more tasty. Dallas restaurant favorites such as Monkey King Noodle, Urban Taco, Snappy Salads, Zizikis, Thai Opal, My Little Greek, Chameli, and more have partnered with Peach, while many other restaurants are expected to join the Peach lineup in the near future.

So how does it work? Peach curates a rotating menu of three to eight dishes from 1 or 2 local restaurants each day and texts it through to customers at around 8:30 am. Recipients can then respond with “Yes” if interested up until 10:15 am and their card will automatically be charged. Between 11:30 am and 12:15 pm, lunch is dropped off at the designated office front desk and a delivery text is sent to customers to let them know that their order is waiting for them. The dishes offered to each office change every day keeping lunch options exciting and ever-different.

Peach Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Denis Bellavance discussed the Dallas expansion, citing the Big D’s blossoming food culture as the reasoning behind Peach’s newest home. “When we were considering what city to open next, we considered many things such as population density, company headquarters and the food culture,” said Bellavance.

“Dallas is a massive city that is home to a large population of working professionals and an incredible food culture. Those two elements are what will allow Peach to be successful and to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem of restaurants, corporate campuses and individual consumers. We cannot wait to serve the Dallas community, expanding the reach of restaurants [beyond their neighborhood], and to deliver office employees a delicious lunch without them ever waiting in a line.”

Unlike other food delivery services, Peach has no hidden fees, and no tipping. The delivery charge is just one dollar compared to the much higher costs and generally expected driver tipping associated with other food delivery apps. Head over to to see if they deliver to your building and sign up!

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This actually sounds intriguing. Simple, easy … no muss, no fuss. Kinda wish Houston and the surrounding areas had something similar. =\

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