On this episode, Anthony and Artesia read a letter from a listener while discussing: gentrification, Amber Rose’s thoughts on experiencing colorism as a child, Kodak Black not liking black women and more! Subscribe to ThaRealityIs on iTunesBlogTalkRadio or Stitcher. Be sure to leave a rating or review while you’re there and tell a friend!

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2 Comments on "Ep. 122 | Ride Ya Own Dick “Sometimes”"

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Diana Joh
I thoroughly enjoyed Anthony and Artesia’s podcast regarding subjects on gentrification, light skinned women vs dark skinned women, and discussing Jay-Z’s new album 4:44. My favorite part of the segment was how Anthony said Jay-Z is reaching out and telling everyone that they should be striving to get the house, the car, that job, those suits, that vacation home, etc. Basically upgrading yourself in your 30s and that should be a GOOD/POSITIVE thing. I also liked how he mentioned when you are married with a family and if someone cheats, you don’t just give up and divorce, you WORK on… Read more »
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