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4 Misconceptions of Strong Versus Weak Behaviors

During the recent experience I shared earlier this week, I noticed the term weak being thrown around a lot. Which is nothing new because people often label what makes a person strong or weak accor...

When The People Coming For You Are Closest To You

You cannot have the conversation of operating in success without discussing the many obstacles that come along the journey. Sometimes these obstacles present themselves in the form of those that a...

3 Ways To Keep The Go-To Person in Your Life Going

For those of us who are considered the go-to person in our circles, we know all too well that just as fulfilling as it may be, it can also be extremely exhausting. As one who's experienced several...

Living In The Gray

Awhile back I posted a picture of the beau and I on a mini vacation and the caption sparked quite a bit of feedback from several acquaintances. They couldn't seem to fathom how I could "brag" about li...

5 Productivity Hacks I Use To Make Life Easier

I often hear people complain about it not being enough time in the day to get things done but unfortunately, that's one of the most relied on excuses for a lack of productivity as a result of poor...

Another Successful Event in the Books!

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending yet another successful 'Tha Reality Is' podcast event. This time we gathered in celebration of Women's History Month to highlight the importance ...